4 comments on “Moving on..

  1. Hey you two, Great pics. All those high rise buildings were not there when I lived in Gib. Hope all well xxxx

  2. We just love reading your blogs and love your photos – AMAZING. We are sure you two will love the warmer weather and we hope you have the most fantastic Christmas and love to you both. Want to here more and more in the New Year. Think of us too back here in New Zealand with the most wonderful blue skies that go on forever and the temps up around 26 to 28 degrees – beautiful – Christmas lunch outside. Love Rhonda, Ken and of course Harry xxx

  3. hi both
    Just to wish you both merry christmas and happy new year wherever you are , really love the pics, i will keep following your blog love the scenery x
    Sandra & Dave

  4. Merry Christmas to you both. Thanks for all the updates,
    . Looking forward to ll you exploits in the New Year.

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